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Umbraco and iPad Device

Flexible Layout

The flexibility of our system allows content editors to build their own page layouts with ease using our component builder.

With a wide selection of page components at your disposal, from media galleries to sign up forms and promotional pods - you can structure each page to fit perfectly with your content and ultimately capture your audience.


We have integrated with three key partners in sports data and video content; Opta, StreamAMG and our very own Loyalty & Ticketing platform. By integrating with these providers we can enrich the site with specific content, with a key focus on automating as much as possible, meaning your time can be freed up for other tasks.

Mobile Design Concepts

Mobile First

We design with mobile in mind first and foremost - a key aspect of the design phase during a SmartWeb project is to ensure a seamless customer journey can be had on mobile and tablet devices.

SmartWeb is fully responsive across all browsers. Using the most popular CSS framework, bootstrap, which was developed by twitter meaning there is exceptional browser support.

Commercial Returns

The platform is designed to maximise your commercial returns. We do this in a number of ways including: ticket sales, video subscriptions, sponsorship opportunities, adverts and retail.

BCFC Matchday Centre

Matchday Centre

Our Matchday Centre is a central hub for all your game activity. From pre-match previews, in-game updates and post match results and stats - everything game related is all in one place and is automatically refreshed when new content becomes available, driving visitors back to the website and increasing engagement.

Branding & Styling

This is where we bring your brand to life. Working closely with your key stakeholders on a discovery phase where we fully immerse ourselves with your brand and explore how we can design and apply brand elements to the site to create a unique site for you and your visitors.